Ines Bulajić

Fundraising Consultant

Ms Bulajic is working with RYCO since January 2020 as a Project Coordinator for the ROUTE WB6 project. She has experience in working with and for different stakeholders from the private, public and NGO sectors, including Ecorys Brussels, GIZ, EUSR Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, UN Women, USAID, Public Administration International, as well as EU funded projects in the Western Balkans. She has a successful background in project development and management, public relations and event management.
Her expertise includes advocacy and outreach campaigns as well as strengthening organisational capacities and coordinating and managing the inputs of staff in respect of writing proposals and project delivery. She holds a BA in Journalism, is an MBA candidate in Business Communication Management and has an LSPR certificate. Her passion is communication activism.

Office Hours
Monday-Friday: 09h - 17h