#Balkantrek tour brought together RYCO with 56 Harvard Students

Tirana – This week, as part of the #balkantrek tour including a group of 56 Harvard students traveling in Serbia, North Macedonia, and Albania, the RYCO team meet and had an open discussion with them at the premises of the Center for Openness and Dialogue. The students have engaged in high-level meetings all over the region gaining valuable insights into its history and learning more about RYCO’s mission.

Led by RYCO’s Secretary General, Albert Hani, a dynamic conversation unfolded during the meeting. Hani provided the students with a comprehensive overview of RYCO’s journey, from its conceptualization to its present efforts in promoting peace among Western Balkans youth. The students enthusiastically participated by putting forward genuine and thought-provoking questions, delving into RYCO’s impact on the region’s youth.

Alba Brojka, the Head of RYCO’s Local Branch Office in Albania, warmly greeted the Harvard students. Brojka offered valuable insights into the daily work of empowering and engaging with youth throughout the country. This exchange allowed the students to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and successes faced by RYCO in its mission to promote peace and cooperation in the Western Balkans.


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