RYCO Youth Talk

This year marks an important milestone in regional cooperation, commemorating the 10th anniversary of one the most crucial instruments promoting regional cooperation and providing a complementary approach to EU the accession of the Western Balkans, namely the Berlin Process Summit.

Given that RYCO has been established through this process, with the summits providing a political momentum to center youth in the political discussion and acknowledge them as an agent of change in the reconciliation path, the Berlin process represents a key instrument for regional youth cooperation. The summits have consistently served as a platform to share RYCOs growth. Over the last three years, RYCO has been a partner in organizing the Youth Forum, gathering hundreds of young people and creating a robust bridge of communication with policymakers. This tradition will persist in this year's forum. 

On this occasion, RYCO is committed to sustaining support for the Berlin Process, making it more accessible to the young people of the region. Therefore, RYCO will launch a campaign “Road to the 10th Anniversary of the Berlin Process” to uphold the results of the Berlin process and the first initiative will be the organization of six Youth Talks taking place in each capital of the WB. These events aim to promote the Berlin process, facilitate joint discussions on its challenges and achievements, and set the stage for this year’s forum. 

Partners involved

This series of Youth Talks is supported by the GMFA.

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