Regional Workshop implemented between EESTEC organizations in the framework of the EUWBSI project

Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina – In the framework of the EU Western Balkan Students Integration project, the Electrical Engineering STudents’ European association organized its first three-day Regional Workshop in collaboration with EESTEC Tuzla and EESTEC Novi Sad in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 26-28 September 2022. Nearly 20 students from the region gathered to discuss more about regional cooperation and share experiences with their peers.

The Programme

The event kicked off with the host organization, EESTEC LC SARAJEVO, sharing their experiences and hopes for the participants. The topic of the workshop was the role of youth in promoting and ensuring EU values are integrated within Regional Cooperation. The sessions were facilitated by the mentorship of Mr. Meris Bećović and Mr. Tarik Horozović.

EESTEC representatives expressed their deepest gratitude to RYCO and Ms. Megi Ruka, Project Coordinator of EU-WB-SI, for the opportunity given and the possibility to implement such activities for the first time in the region. They really valued the previous support that the EU-WB-SI project offered to them through different capacity-building training in areas such as Project Management and Fundraising. During the 3-day event, they enjoyed having recreational time together and brainstorming for future activities that they will jointly implement.

“It is through initiatives like this that we truly understand the value of regional cooperation among youngsters and we feel motivated to continue working towards this direction” highlighted Ms. Selma Hrustic – Chairperson of EESTEC Sarajevo. She stated that the workshop helped them identify present common problems and shape a joint action plan on behalf of the upcoming activities.

The president of EESTEC Tuzla, Ms. Amina Hamzic, highlighted once again how useful it is to be part of such activities where you get to learn more about the work of other local comities, share knowledge and discuss ideas on how to motivate young people to have an interest in projects related to youth and their development.

The three-day event was finalized with a presentation of the joint action plan of EU-WB-SI events, highlighting the need for more involvement of young people from the region especially, students from profiles such as engineering, technology, etc. For them, it is substantial to have such support offered by RYCO and to continue developing joint actions.


On the project
RYCO is implementing the project “EU – Western Balkan – Student Integration (EU-WB-SI!)”, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The project aims to support the integration of WB6 students into the European Union Programs through the creation and development of branches of famous European students’ organizations in the Western Balkan Contracting Parties. This project supports six Regional Students Networks.


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