Jeunes des 2 Rives - J2R

Jeunes des 2 Rives is a project for education in citizenship and international solidarity, with the objective to empower young people from the Mediterranean basin and encourage their civic commitment. The J2R project aims to improve youth’s understanding and perception of solidarity and living together, to encourage and develop their critical thinking, and to help them learn about cross-border citizenship. The program is led by Solidarité Laïque and co-funded by the French Development Fund. It cooperates with a strong network of organizations and associations from France, Morocco, and Tunisia, and from this year Lebanon and Albania. In total, 80 associations are involved in the program and more than 1000 youth have participated in the J2R program since its start.

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Partners involved, donor, time-framework and locations:

In this project, RYCO, as the leading organization for Albania, will oversee the coordination of civil society organizations. This includes the organization of intercultural and solidarity-based youth exchanges in Albania throughout 2024, along with the development of thematic seminars, training sessions, transnational activities and coordination meetings inside and outside the country.

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