Western Balkans – December, marked the successful completion of the regional and local activities in the framework of EU-WB-SI project implementation. The aim of the project was to support the integration of WB students into the EU through the process of creation and development of branches of prominent European students’ organizations in the Western Balkans, which will provide long-term space for students from WB6 to be integrated into European programs, to gain skills and get all kind of opportunities that exist in EU level, but also be able to organize local projects. In order to accomplish the above-mentioned objective, RYCO has been committed to providing mentorship support and building capacities of six new regional networks of EU student’s organizations since the beginning.

The six selected student networks and their partners were:

  • Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association
  • EESTEC, LC Novi Sad
  • EESTEC, LC Tuzla
  • EESTEC Podgorica

  • IFMSA – International Federation of Medical Students Associations
  • BoHeMSA – Bosnian and Herzegovinian Medical Students’ Association
  • MMSA – Macedonian Medical Students Associations
  • KOMS – Kosova’s Organization of Medical Students
  • MoMSIC – Montenegrin Medical Students International Committee
  • IFMSA Serbia – Committee for International Cooperation of Medicine Students

  • United Nations Student Association
  • United Nations Association Albania
  • United Nations Association of North Macedonia
  • BH Association for United Nations
  • MAPSS (Montenegrin Association for Political Science Students) / partner covering activities in Montenegro due to the lack of presence of such organization
  • ICHAT- Kosovo / partner covering activities in Kosovo due to the lack of presence of such organizations

  • AIESEC – Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales
  • AIESEC – Albania
  • AIESEC – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • AIESEC – Montenegro
  • AIESEC – North Macedonia
  • AIESEC Serbia

  • European Law Students’ Association
  • ELSA – Albania
  • ELSA – Montenegro
  • ELSA – Bosnia, and Herzegovina
  • ELSA – North Macedonia

  • Erasmus Student Network
  • ESN – Albania
  • ESN – Montenegro
  • ESN – Bosnia, and Herzegovina
  • ESN – Serbia
  • Universum College partner from Kosovo, who expressed an interest to apply for ESN membership

We are excited to share that more than 1500 young people from the WB, in more than 50 activities have been empowered and strengthened their capacities on topics such as: “EU Digital Agenda and Technology Challenges”, “Regional Cooperation and European Integration in the Western Balkans”, “Gender Equality and EU practices”, “EU Practices in International Property Law” “Erasmus’s mobility opportunities”, “Mental Health Issues of Medical Students in Western Balkans, based on EU mental health best practices”.

The project team and RYCO greatly appreciate the dedication of all student networks in fostering further regional cooperation and peacebuilding among youth in the region, while also putting special focus on the importance of EU integration as a crucial way to contribute to a stable and more prosperous region.


On the project

RYCO is implementing the project “EU – Western Balkan – Student Integration (EU-WB-SI!)”, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The project’s aim is to support the integration of WB6 students into the European Union Programs through the creation and development of branches of famous European students’ organizations in the Western Balkan Contracting Parties. This project will support six networks throughout the region, each network will be composed of six student organizations with an overall amount of 36 student organizations from the WB6.



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