Enhancing Institutional Capacities to Strengthen RYCO’s Mission in the Region

2024 to bring major changes for institutional advancement

We stepped in 2024 with a clear vision – to put transformation goals info action! And when we say that we have in mind numerous things included in institutional transformation package, starting from proper and efficient implementation of documents and framework adopted in previous period, to putting into force new procurement procedures and financial rules. Some would consider this as ambitious goal already, but actually, we have even more to announce! 

Following the operations in each CP, especially those where the registration process of LBO was pending, a positive outcome in this regard is expected very soon, as registration of one remaining local branch is in its final phase.  Furthermore, we put a full focus on strengthening human and operational capacities by recruiting new staff and introducing new tools and platforms to facilitate work processes. All of this, accompanied with the very rich Operational Plan and agenda to strengthen current and bring new programs and partners, leads to institutional advancement and enhances RYCO’s unique mission in the region.


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