Frequently asked questions regarding 5th Open Call

  1. Who is eligible to apply?

T0 be eligible for a grant, a Lead Applicant must:

  1. be a legal entity, and
  2. be a non-profit-making CSO, established in one of the six Western Balkan Contracting Parties, a minimum of one year prior to the launch of this call for proposals.


  1. How many applications can a Lead applicant and partner have?

A Lead Applicant may submit only one (1) application under this Call for Proposals.

A Lead Applicant (in 1 application) may be a partner in only one (1) other application under this Call For Proposals.

Thus, at maximum, a single applicant can only appear in two applications, given it appears in one as a Lead Applicant and another as a partner.

In case a Lead Applicant or a partner appears in more applications than allowed, either as Lead Applicant or as a partner, all project proposals in which they participate will be automatically disqualified

  1. How much is each grant award and the duration of implementation ?
  •  minimum amount: EUR 000
  • maximum amount: EUR 000

Indicative allocation of funds by lots:

  • LOT 1: EUR 200.000 for CSOs with last year’s annual turnover of up to EUR 50,000.
  • LOT 2: EUR 100,000 for CSOs with last year’s annual turnover higher than EUR 50.000


  1. Who could be the potential partners to apply under this call for proposals?

The following are considered as potential collaborators:

  • cultural institutions (private and public) from the WB6;
  • sports associations and organizations in the field of sports from the WB6;
  • trade unions from the WB6;
  • educational institutions such as universities and institutes (public and private).
  • Youth informal groups with a proven track record of working with and for young people.


  1. How many partners can be involved on the project proposal?

There should be a minimum of 1 partner but no more than 5 partners, with at least one from a different WB6 Contracting Party than the one of the Lead Applicant. Having more than one partner from another WB6 Contracting Parties will be considered an advantage.


  1. Are contribution in kind and Volunteer’s work considered eligible cost for financial contribution?

Volunteer’s work and contribution in kind are not considered as eligible costs and as financial contribution to this call

  1. Regarding the budget: a) Should the three organizations/partners submit a joint budget line, or should it be separately?

Separately, if feasible. If not, the description should explain which amount of the total refers to which partner.

  1. Regarding co-financing; can a foreign/local organization contribute partially or fully the amount  ?

It can be decided by both lead applicant and co-applicant on project proposal it engagement of both parties.



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