Peace4MeIs: Most Creative Drawing or Photograph Contest

NORTH MACEDONIA – In the framework of the “Supporting the Western Balkan’s Collective Leadership on Reconciliation” project, supported by the UN Peacebuilding Fund, the Regional Youth Cooperation Office and the United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA workshops were conducted by the youth trainers of a group of young people in order to strengthen the role of young people in building and maintaining a safe and peaceful environment for themselves and their communities.

As a result of these workshops, we are announcing this Most Creative Drawing or Photograph Contest on the Topic “Peace4MeIs” as an innovative peacebuilding idea initiated by young people who took part in the workshops.

Most Creative Drawing or Photograph Contest on the Topic “Peace4MeIs”


Peace is a simple word filled with complexity and meaning. For some, peace means the absence of violence and freedom from fear of violation of human rights and dignity; for others, peace is the real version of everlasting happiness. Each and every one of us has his/her own definition of peace. Peace is a personal feature. That is why we want you to show us what peace means to you.

If you are a first to fourth-degree high school student, we invite you to take part in this contest and to present to us in a creative manner what peace means to you. The three most creative photographs and the three most creative drawings shall be awarded.


Participation criteria:

  • All high school students from the high schools of North Macedonia shall have the right to participate.
  • The contest consists of two categories: the best photograph category and the best drawing category.
  • Each of the participants can take part in the contest with only one drawing/photograph.
  • The drawing/photograph submitted by the participant, must not be previously published in group or solo exhibitions, newspapers, magazines or other promotional materials.
  • The drawing/photograph should be the personal creations of the participant.

If you decide to submit a drawing:

  • You can use a technique by choice: pencil drawing, drawing with water crayons, canvas drawing etc.
  • The drawing may also contain a slogan on the #Peace4MeIs topic.
  • The drawing should be sent via e-mail in a scanned version or as an image.

If you decide to send a photograph:

  • The photograph can be taken with a technique (phone, camera) by choice and at any resolution.
  • The submitted works should not violate the privacy of the people included, i.e., all persons in the photograph should give their consent in advance for taking photographs of them.
  • The photograph may also contain a slogan on the #Peace4MeIs topic.

How to take part

The contest will be held from 11 to 18 March 2021.

In addition to the photograph or drawing, you should also send the following information:

First and second name, E-mail address, Name of your school, Place of residence and phone number to the [email protected] e-mail address.

By submitting a photograph or drawing, the authors agree their works to be published in printed or electronic form for the purposes of the contest organiser.


The jury, composed of representatives of UNFPA, RYCO, as well as representatives from the field of photography and fine arts, will select the best three photographs and the best three works of art from those received as part of the contest.


Three best works will be selected from each category. The first-place prize for both categories is a tablet, the second-place prize is a Bluetooth headset, whereas, those who will win the third-place shall receive a promotional package.

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