Reconciliation through Truth

WESTERN BALKANS – Today marks the International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims.  This commemorative day was established by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on December 21, 2010,  to honor the memory of victims of gross and systematic human rights violations, as well as to promote the importance of the right to truth and justice in peacebuilding. 

Furthermore, this day pays tribute to those who have devoted their lives to, and lost their lives in, the struggle to promote and protect human rights for all.

As stated by the UN, the right to the truth is often invoked in the context of gross violations of human rights and grave breaches of humanitarian law. It implies knowing the complete truth to the events that transpired, their specific circumstances, who participated in them, as well as the reasons for them.

On this day, RYCO draws attention to the fact that reconciliation results from a comprehensive and constructive approach to dealing with the past through truth. By opening the path to justice, acceptance and healing, truth helps to overcome divisive narratives, address the causes of conflicts and prevent their recurrence.

We join in commemorating this day by reminding the Western Balkan governments and societies that reconciliation and the development of friendly neighborly relations are a prerequisite for the social, economic, and cultural renewal of the Western Balkans and its European integration.

Moreover, truth, justice and reconciliation are not only a matter of democratic governance and state policy. They are, above all, the responsibility of each citizen of the Western Balkan, which strives to live in a region that is safe, democratic, peaceful and respectful of human rights.

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