RYCO Joins EU Fair Fest “Me and Europe”

TIRANA – RYCO Local Branch Office in Albania participated in the EU Fair Fest “Me and Europe”, that took place in Tirana on the 24th of January. The one-day event organized by Albanian Student Abroad Network (ASAN) aimed to inform youth on the culture and values of the European Union while providing them the opportunity to be heard and empowered in the process of European integration.

A special focus of the event was given to the EU neighborhood policies in the Western Balkans highlighting the important role of RYCO as one of the mechanisms that foster the spirit of reconciliation and cooperation.

Head of RYCO Local Branch Office in Albania, Mr Kreshnik Loka participated in the panel discussion on Albanian’s roadmap towards the EU and the contribution of young people in the integration process. Mr Loka shared with the young people the current state of play of RYCO and the upcoming plans for 2020.

“For RYCO it is important that young people are part of our project design and implementation and that they are heard and active contributors to all our programs. We believe the same principle should be accountable for the role of young people in the EU integration process. Young people should make the best of their present in order to own their future,” Mr Loka underlined.

On the other side of the fair, RYCO Local Branch Office Program Assistant in Albania Ms Flutura Brakaj was very excited to listen vibrant talks and wishes of young people for more proactive, non-formal learning opportunities in the region. Ms Brakaj also used this opportunity to inform high-school students about the RYCO opportunities in the upcoming period.

This event took place in the framework of the initiative “E-Citizens, Albania in Europe”, funded by the European Union, with the aim to enhance policy dialogue and awareness on the European Integration Process in Albania with special attention to youth.

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