RYCO joins the National Youth Day celebrations at the “under30” event in Tirana

An unusual event was organized on the occasion of National Youth Day by the Minister of State for Youth and Children and RYCO was delighted to be involved in it. Hundreds of organizations, institutions, startups, businesses, and universities that work with young people or are directed by them, “parked” on December 9, in the underground parking lot of Skanderbeg Square.

The event “Under 30” (<30), under the special care of Minister Bora Muzhaqi and with the partnership of the most important actors in the field of services for young people, gathered hundreds of eyes under 30 years old, who visited the stands with valuable information about them, creating a space for interaction and cooperation.

Between 12:00 noon and 5:00 p.m., the youth were offered a multitude of opportunities for education, training, and employment. They enjoyed themselves in various areas filled with games and sports, and also took part in discussion panels. RYCO team, represented at this event by the local program officers Ensara and Flutura, seized this occasion to interact with the participating youth by arranging diverse giveaways and surprises through a spinning wheel of fortune. Additionally, visitors to the RYCO booth had the opportunity to take memorable photos using our customized selfie mirror.

“Happy National Youth Day” said Minister Muzhaqi, who continued “Today we have gathered among the most important actors who provide services for young people to introduce them to real opportunities, but at the same time interesting activities are taking place in every corner to the young people. Today we have also invited international actors to talk about the importance of the continuous cooperation we have and how it affects the well-being of young people.”

GIZ, one of the supporters of this event, was represented by the General Director, Sonja Kurz. The young people of the Superschools Program of GIZ and RYCO, the implementing partners of the program throughout the Western Balkans, staged a performance about gender equality with the theme “What is my role?”

RYCO Secretary General Mr. Albert Hani, was part of the discussions panel focused on youth among the German ambassador, the director of the World Bank, the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality, and other representatives from UNDP and UNICEF completing the offer of information for young people.

“Under 30” turned out to be a spectacle of ideas and an out-of-the-box event, energetic and dynamic, just like the young people themselves.


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