RYCO Local Branch Office in Albania Meets Students from European University in Tirana

Albania – Head of the RYCO Local Branch Office in Albania Mr. Kreshnik Loka and Youth Representative in the RYCO Governing Board Ms. Franceska Muço met with the Head of the Department of Humanities and Communication at the European University in Tirana, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Belina Budini and students from this department at the premises of the RYCO Head Office in Albania, on the 6th of June 2022.

Mr. Loka used this opportunity to present RYCO’s mission, values, and path by highlighting that RYCO has invested in youth reconciliation in the Western Balkans and that special attention has been devoted to volunteering and the building of resilience of youth. RYCO activities were introduced to the youth focusing on HAJDE media. “Hajde.media is a meeting place for all young people interested in taking part in events, opportunities, and news within the Western Balkans. It was co-designed with the students of journalism from all across the Western Balkans. Hajde offers sharing of information about different opportunities, events, and news for and about young people in the Western Balkans,” he underlined.

As the young people present had different aspirations for employment in the fields of communication, journalism, marketing, and public relations Mr. Loka also invited students to contribute to the platform, as well as to follow RYCO’s open calls for participation in exchanges and youth initiatives.

Ms. Budini said that such platforms are a great way to meet with young people from the region and share experiences. She briefly introduced the work of her department as well as the study programs offered to young people at the University.

In the end, Ms. Franceska Muço shared with young people her experience of engaging in community and civil society. She once again encouraged young people to get involved in youth exchange opportunities in addition to their studies, as a way to explore the job market, skills as well as networking.


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