RYCO MNE and OSCE Collaborate to Empower Young Journalists in Montenegro

BUDVA – RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro in cooperation with the OSCE Mission to Montenegro organized the second “Training on Intercultural Dialogue and Professional Standards in Reporting for Young Journalists from Montenegro“

The training took place in Budva, 10-12 November 2023, bringing together 14 young media representatives from different parts of Montenegro.

The event was opened by Mr. Edin Koljenovic, Head of RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro, Mr. Martin Lulgjuraj, Director of the Directorate for Youth and Ms. Irena Marunovic, the representative of the OSCE Mission in Montenegro. 

Mr. Koljenovic warmly greeted the participants, emphasizing the importance of the training and the traditionally successful cooperation with the OSCE Mission to Montenegro.

“During this training, young journalists will get the opportunity to grasp the fundamental aspects of professional reporting, intercultural dialogue, media literacy, prejudices, stereotypes, and more.

Our focus is on elevating the skills of young journalists in media reporting standards because the media plays a crucial role in shaping and advocating for sustainable and inclusive peace,” highlighted Mr. Koljenovic. 

Mr. Lulgjuraj emphasized the key role of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office as a mechanism of cooperation among young people in the Western Balkans.

“Every opportunity to empower these young people is extremely important since their work influences public opinion and contributes to building mutual trust and understanding in society“, added Mr. Lulgjuraj.

Ms. Marunovic reminded that the Mission recognizes the importance of RYCO and supports the RYCO LBO MNE from the very beginning. She emphasized the importance of young journalists in influencing their peers: “How you act and report affects the way youth from Montenegro, but also Western Balkans creates opinions on different topics. You have an important role in preventing youth from creating stereotypes and prejudices among each other”.

“Let us embark on this journey of knowledge and skill development, aspiring journalists, as you strive to craft narratives that inspire positive changes in our region”, concluded Mr. Koljenovic.



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