RYCO Stands Up for Youth Sector of Council of Europe

TIRANA – As the Council of Europe celebrates its 70 birthday it also faces a major political and financial crisis. A proposed way to overcome the crisis includes abolition of funding for the organization’s youth sector. RYCO wants to underline that the crisis should not and may not harm the policies and work done with and for young people, youth policy makers and civil society organizations.

Decades of valuable work on youth issues should not be abandoned. As RYCO strongly believe that young people should be active contributors to democratic development, social and economic prosperity in the Western Balkans, we also believe that they should play this active role on the European level, too.

Knowledge and practices created within the sector, such as co-management, considerably shaped the RYCO’s institutional design, as well as youth policy frameworks in the Western Balkans but also remarkably raised capacities of the region’s civil society.

Saving up on youth and not investing in the future cannot be the way to resolve the crisis. RYCO stands up for the youth sector of the Council of Europe and invites other organizations and individuals to do the same.

Read more information provided by the Advisory Council of Youth here.

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