RYCO Team Engages with President Macron at “KubFrance” Gathering

Tirana, Albania – In the wake of the Berlin Summit and President Emmanuel Macron’s official visit to Albania, the Embassy of France in Albania hosted a unique event known as “KubFrance”. The event highlighted the significant regional cooperation efforts in the Western Balkans and emphasized the pivotal role played by RYCO.

Evis Myftari, an alumna of the Paul Valéry, Montpellier, and RYCO Project Manager had the honor to lead the discussion in front of President Macron. She emphasized RYCO’s instrumental role in fostering collaboration in the Western Balkans.

Myftari, during her presentation, underlined how RYCO’s work has contributed to positive change in the lives of young people in the Western Balkans. By engaging in cultural exchanges, educational programs, and cross-border initiatives, RYCO has provided young people with opportunities to connect and collaborate with their neighbors.




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