RYCO Tours around Albania Meeting Youth with National Youth Congress

ALBANIA – For the past two months, Head of RYCO Local Branch Office in Albania Mr Kreshnik Loka in cooperation with the National Youth Congress (NYC) of Albania embarked on a tour across Albania discussing with young people on how they can be active citizens in their communities and informing them about the new opportunities that RYCO is bringing to the region.

RYCO and NYC visited six cities – Korca, Durrës, Shkodra, Kukës, Rrëshen and Vlora. The events were attended by high school and university students. Some of them were beneficiaries of the trainings organized by NYC on active citizenship, which took place during summer 2019, as part of the same project. Based on these trainings, the NYC published a Manual on Active Citizenship “Strengthening the role of youth in Albania and in the process of rapprochement to the EU”.

In each of the cities, the young people had the chance to engage in a panel discussion with representatives of municipalities working in the youth department, local coordinators of NYC and EU coordinators in their cities. This session was important to establish the connection between the youngsters and the actors in charge of youth in their communities. They discussed how to build a stronger bridge of communication between them and for the youth to be active participants in the consultations in areas that affect their lives.

In continuation of the panel discussion, Mr Loka had a chance to talk with the young people and present RYCO to them.

“If you want to travel, develop interpersonal skills, be active members of your communities and much more, than RYCO is the right place for you”, Mr Loka stated in his presentation. In the last two years, RYCO has been growing and increasing its programs and opportunities.  The young people were thrilled to hear about the exchanges and the possibility to meet their peers from the region.

The meetings were part of the second phase of the project that the National Youth Congress is implementing with the support of the Hanns Seidel Stiftung. The project was organized around the Manual on Active Citizenship, where the young people’s inputs were taken into consideration during its drafting. The final conference of the project, gathering young people from all the six cities and other relevant stakeholders, will be held in Tirana on 22 December 2019.


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