RYCO Youth Talk “Pride Talks” in Sarajevo

Sarajevo – Today, the RYCO Local Branch Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina joined forces with the BH Pride March to host an engaging RYCO Youth Talk titled “Pride Talks.” This event centered around the promotion of “The World and All That It Holds,” a compelling new novel by acclaimed Bosnian-American author Aleksandar Hemon. Hemon is celebrated for his previous works, “Nowhere Man” (2002) and “The Lazarus Project” (2008), as well as for his contributions as a co-writer of “The Matrix Resurrections” (2021). The discussion provided a platform for young attendees to delve into significant topics such as conflict, language, love, and same-sex partnerships. 

Hemon’s latest novel, “The World and All That It Holds,” is an epic narrative that follows the poignant love story of two soldiers from Sarajevo — one Jewish and the other Muslim — set against the backdrop of World War I. The war disrupts their lives, compelling them to continually move forward, a metaphor for survival. Along their tumultuous journey, they welcome a daughter into their world. This novel weaves a powerful tale of impossible love, the insanity of war, and the agony of displacement. It explores the fluidity of identity and place while highlighting the indelible mark one can leave on another’s heart. 

During the event, young participants had the unique opportunity to engage directly with Aleksandar Hemon. They discussed his book, the essence of art, the power of imagination, and the transformative potential of artistic expression. Hemon shared that the novel draws inspiration from his family history and his personal experiences with war and migration. He emphasized that the book serves as a counter-narrative to the destructive ideologies of nationalism and racism, which have fueled countless conflicts and suffering both historically and in contemporary times. Hemon aims to convey that people transcend their ethnic, religious, and political identities, and that they are inherently capable of solidarity, love, and empathy. 



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