Successful finalization of the EU-WB-SI project in Tirana

We are thrilled to announce the successful finalization of the EU-WB-SI project, marked by a two-day event held in Tirana. Bringing together 19 dedicated student representatives, this final event showcased their achievements, insights, and experiences in implementing regional and local initiatives over the past year.

Distinguished guests greeted and welcomed the students including Mr. Luigi Mattirolo, Deputy Ambassador of Italy in Tirana; Mr. Denis Piplas, Deputy Secretary General of RYCO; and Mrs. Alba Brojka, Head of the Local Branch Office.

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation started collaborating with RYCO in the EU-Balkan Youth Forum, held in Rome in November 2021. It was a brilliant example of how important it is empowering youth to raise their voice for a common future. We are very proud to announce that a second edition of the EU- Western Balkan Youth Forum will take place in November 2023, in Rome. It will be a good moment to keep the momentum and empower youth in the EU enlargement process. We will be building the EU integration also by promoting student associations in the Western Balkans fostering their affiliation to their association networks. In this sense, we are glad to acknowledge the positive results of RYCO project, EU-Western Balkan-Student Integration, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation,” said Mr. Mattirolo through a video message. 

The exchange of ideas, experiences, and lessons learned during the conference fostered a vibrant atmosphere of cross-cultural learning and collaboration. As students shared their successes and challenges, they not only inspired their peers but also demonstrated the significant impact that driven young individuals can have on their surroundings. 


On the project

RYCO is implementing the project “EU – Western Balkan – Student Integration (EU-WB-SI!)”, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The project’s aim is to support the integration of WB6 students into the European Union Programs through the creation and development of branches of famous European students’ organizations in the Western Balkan Contracting Parties. This project will support six networks throughout the region, each network will be composed of six student organizations with an overall amount of 36 student organizations from the WB6.



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