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Milan attended his first youth exchange programme in the spring of 2018. Milan is not his real name but he is a real person who shared his story. He enjoyed his stay in Sarajevo, where he immersed himself in the topic of dealing with the past and made new friends. He did not get much

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About participants of RYCO funded youth exchanges The big budget friendly and modern hotel in Sarajevo hums like a beehive on this sunny afternoon in early spring 2018. About 30 teenagers run up and down stairs, open room doors and call out names. Some of them travelled in groups, thus knowing each other, but all

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We spoke with the Director of the Franz Vranitzky Chair for European Studies at the University of Vienna Rainer Gries who is leading a team of researchers conducting a study on young people in the Western Balkans and their participation or non-participation in regional youth exchange programmes. This interview focused on the history, politics and

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