Alda Kondakciu

Alda Kondakciu

Project Officer (Open Call)

Alda Kondakciu is a passionate and results-driven professional with over 15 years of experience in youth development, community engagement, cross-cultural collaboration, and social cohesion. Having commenced her journey with a degree in Social Work from the University of Tirana, throughout her career, her expertise lies in the design, development, and implementation of impactful youth programs that address critical societal needs. She has demonstrated her capacity for innovation by spearheading initiatives aimed at nurturing local leadership and fostering activism among youth, thereby creating pathways for their meaningful participation and equitable representation.

Her commitment to nurturing the potential of the youth and fostering sustainable pathways toward peace and prosperity stands at the forefront of her endeavors, promising impactful outcomes in the pursuit of a more equitable and thriving society.

Office Hours
Monday-Friday: 09h - 17h

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