Mimoza Gavrani

Mimoza Gavrani

Superschools Project Manager

Mimoza Gavrani professional track record showcases a remarkable proficiency in orchestrating prosperous collaborations with academic institutions and think tanks, indicating her adeptness in harnessing diverse perspectives and knowledge bases. Her capacity to nurture and maintain relationships with stakeholders across various tiers, spanning from local to international levels, underscores her ability to navigate complex large regional and transnational networks and engage with diverse interests.

Her career trajectory underscores a steadfast dedication to advancing initiatives aimed at bolstering senior management within International, regional, and non-governmental organizations operating within the Western Balkans. This commitment is underscored by her proactive involvement in endeavors aimed at enhancing various facets of the region's landscape, encompassing political dynamics, socio-economic development, regional cooperation, and inter-ethnic relations.

Mimoza's expertise lies not only in strategic planning and execution but also in advocacy, as she consistently endeavors to champion initiatives that contribute to the advancement and stability of the Western Balkans. Her multifaceted skill set and nuanced understanding of the region position her as a valuable asset capable of driving positive change and fostering sustainable growth within the complex socio-political context of the Western Balkans.

Notably, she has served in various capacities including as a Political Analyst at Politiko, an Expert on Advocacy and Policy Development at Open Society Foundations, and Policy Expert at the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC). She has also held executive positions and Project Manager roles at organizations like Caritas Switzerland, Danish Refugee Council, World Vision International and Council of Europe. She is actively engaged in various professional networks and organizations including, Rotary Club, Kosovo United States Alumni (KUSA), German Marshall Fund, National Democratic Institute (NDI), Soros Foundation Kosovo, and Trust Building Forum of United Nation, among others. These memberships reflect her commitment to fostering cross-border cooperation and promoting dialogue on critical issues.

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