Tolerance and Togetherness for Peace

WESTERN BALKANS – The International Day for Tolerance is observed annually on 16 November. It was first proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1996, as a reminder of the importance of human rights and freedoms in the diverse communities we live in.

RYCO’s efforts to shape the present and build a better future are deeply rooted in supporting regional reconciliation and reminding everyone of the power of cooperation and understanding. By investing in programs that connect and empower young people in the Western Balkans, RYCO sets forth the message that the road to friendships, reconciliation and cooperation is built upon tolerance.  

This is why we strengthen youth cooperation in the Western Balkans through intercultural learning and dialogue, empowering young people in learning about different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. We enable youth to live in peaceful environments and in diverse societies where human rights and dignity is guaranteed and protected. 

RYCO believes that by nurturing understanding, trust and respect we learn to appreciate both the similarities and diversities of our societies, as they make us stronger and bring us together. In creating peaceful societies and protecting their diversities, we are all part of the solution for a better region.

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