Evaluation of the project proposals will be conducted in three steps:

1) Administrative check of the application:

RYCO will assess whether the submission deadline has been met, whether the application is complete and if other basic requirements have been met.

The proposals that do not pass the administrative check will not be further assessed.

2) Eligibility check of the application:

Assessment of whether the applicant and partners satisfy the eligibility criteria in sections 2.1. – 2.6. and sections 2.10 – 2.12 of the Guidelines for Applicant.

The proposals that do not pass the eligibility check will not be further assessed.

3) Technical Assessment of the proposal according to 5 criteria listed in the Assessment Grid

The Evaluation Grid is available in the Informative Application Form and the Guidelines for Grant Applicants.

Please make sure that your application meet all the criteria set in the Checklist for the       Application Form

4) Strategic Assessment by RYCO’s Selection committee according to the criteria listed in the Informative Application Form.

The assessment results lead to the establishment of a shortlist (top-scored projects per Contracting Party).

As a final step of the assessment process, RYCO’s Selection Committee reviews the shortlist in light of the strategic criteria outlined below.


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