Youth Festival 2023: A Vibrant Platform for Youth Voices

ALBANIA – The RYCO Local Branch Office in Albania, in partnership with World Vision Albania, successfully concluded the Youth Festival 2023: A World of Opportunities for Young People, providing a vibrant platform for young individuals to vocalize their ideas and address concerns.

The festival brought together over 100 young participants from seven municipalities across Albania, alongside youth professionals, institutional leaders, representatives from various organizations, journalists, and citizens. They gathered at the Pyramid of Tirana with a shared objective: to empower young voices, exchange insights, and seek innovative solutions that pave the way for a world brimming with opportunities for the younger generation.

At the outset of the festival, youth delegates presented five crafted ideas, aiming to address pressing challenges faced by today’s youth. These ideas were showcased to festival attendees and invited stakeholders through an immersive 360° photo booth experience, where innovative solutions took center stage. A key focal point of discussions revolved around one of the most critical issues confronting young people – employment and its interconnection with labor market needs.

Subsequently, the festival featured engaging dialogues between young participants and distinguished guests. The panelists included Ms. Bora Muzhaqi, the Minister of State for Youth and Children; Ms. Eljona Elmazi, Executive Director of World Vision Albania; Ms. Alba Brojka, Head of the RYCO Local Branch Office in Albania; Mr. Klevis Hysa, Director of the National Employment and Skills Agency; and the multifaceted artist and World Vision Albania ambassador, Ms. Marsela Çibukaj.

Panelists underscored the pivotal role of youth involvement in decision-making processes, particularly on matters directly impacting their lives. They emphasized the potential of technology as a potent tool for devising innovative solutions, especially tailored to the needs of the labor market today.

In that regard, The HLBO in Albania, Ms. Brojka,stated that she is happy that RYCO is one of those institutions to meaningfully involve youth, such as the Youth Representative in the RYCO Governing Board. She put the emphasis on the contribution of RYCO programs towards building soft skills for students and young professionals, while also giving them the opportunity to exercise those skills through its granting scheme or RISE, the social-entrepreneurship program. The most exciting moment of the festival happened when people at the event and those online voted for their favorite solution idea, culminating in the selection of the top three ideas.

The panelists representing various institutions made public commitments to integrate one of the proposed youth ideas into their forthcoming initiatives, strategies, or projects for the upcoming year.

The seventh year of the Youth Festival 2023 was a collaborative effort between the Regional Youth Cooperation Office – RYCO and World Vision Albania. This annual event stands as an essential platform for young people to articulate their thoughts, concerns, and innovative concepts, nurturing a brighter future for all.


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