Youth from Albania and Montenegro Connect Using Italian Language

ALBANIA/MONTENEGRO – Within the second RYCO Open Call for Project Proposals co-financed by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, Shoqata e Mësuesve Shqiptarë të Gjuhës Italiane (A.P.A.D.I) from Albania, in partnership with Udruženje Nastavnika Italijanskog Jezika Crne Gore (UNIJCG) from Montenegro, implemented the project “Together We Learn and Grow”. 

The project took place from December 2019 to November 2020 and enhanced intercultural learning and dialogue among participants from Albania and Montenegro. The activities helped to enrich participants’ knowledge of the Italian language, to apply efficient techniques and methodologies for intercultural education as well as to foster regional youth cooperation.

“We connected young people from Albania and Montenegro and despite the challenges we faced from the pandemic we are delighted to have made it through by finding the proper means in the virtual space. We comprehend better the fact that by empowering ourselves we have the opportunity to bring a positive change in the region,” Project Coordinator from Albania Ms Entela Maçka stated.

Speaking about key achievements, Project Coordinator from Montenegro Ms Katrina Berišaj underlined: “This project points out that communication in any language brings to a better understanding and acceptance of our differences. The role of teachers was very important during this journey and we realized they need to be more involved in exchange projects as they work closely with youth.”

Throughout the activities held, youth participated in local and regional workshops which helped them gain new knowledge and skills by connecting and communicating in Italian. Moreover, they had the chance to meet each other virtually and take an active role in the online exchange. 

“We all realized that there can be no barriers between young people. Our common interest and the desire to know new horizons will always manage to establish a bridge of communication between us, by focusing on our commonalities and not on the differences,” one of the project participants, Ms Xhoela Hasa, emphasized.

On the other hand, another project participant, Ms Anja Pavićević added: “We focused on accepting our differences, respecting other cultures and giving each of us the possibility to not only represent ourselves, but to also learn more about the others.”

In conclusion of the project, the Ambassador of Italy to Montenegro Mr Luca Zelioli joined to greet the participants and expressed his gratitude for the implementation of such endeavors which connect and empower teachers and youth of the region.

To ensure the sustainability of the project achievements as well as their long term impact, organizers and participants established an online platform which consists of materials collected during the activities. This platform ensures also the continuation of sharing ideas and experiences for regional youth cooperation and intercultural learning.

To access the project’s website, click the button below:

Together we learn and grow

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