• Andrea Ugrinoska, International Federation of Liberal Youth, Executive Director
  • Antje Rothemund, Head of Youth Department, Council of Europe
  • Beatrice Angrand/Markus Ingenlath, One of the two Secretary Generals, Franco - German Youth Office (OFAJ)
  • Besart Lumi
  • Daria Rowe Duilovic, Ministry of Civil Affairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Head of Department for Coordination of Education Policy
  • Elida Nuri, Analyst of Communication and Advocacy - UNFPA
  • Frank Hantke, Director of FES-Offices in Kosovo and Macedonia
  • Gordana Delic, Director, Balkan Trust for Democracy
  • Ivan Djuric, Program coordinator, Youth Initiative for Human Rights
  • Luis Alvarado Martinez, Board President, European Youth Forum
  • Metodija Stojceski, Youth Alliance Krushevo, Executive Manager
  • Milos Blagojevic, Youth Council of Republic of Srpska, Secretary General
  • Nikola Božanović, Hate Fighters Network, Founder and president of Steering Committee
  • Norbert Beckman Dierkes, Head of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Serbia and Montenegro
  • Olivera Komar
  • Representative of the European Commission
  • Teuta Hoxha, CIVIKOS
  • Vanja Kalaba, NAPOR


Important Note: The mandates of the first Advisory Board members ended on 13 March 2020. 


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