Apply for Peace Broadcasters – The Regional Edition: Empowering Young Journalists as Peace Reporters

Capacity Building Training and Mentoring Program for Young Journalists and Students of Journalism on Intercultural Dialogue and Transitional Journalism


The Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO), in partnership with Deutsche Welle, cordially invites young journalists and journalism students from the Western Balkans 6 to join the regional edition of the Peace Broadcasters program. This program offers training and mentoring on Intercultural Dialogue and Transitional Journalism, with the aim of strengthening and enhancing participants’ skills and knowledge to maintain high journalistic standards within the fields of intercultural dialogue and transitional journalism in the region.
Peace Broadcasters is designed to broaden and deepen the knowledge and understanding of young journalists in the areas of Intercultural Dialogue and Transitional Journalism. It also provides mentorship to improve skills in producing high-quality journalistic content.
RYCO initiated the Peace Broadcasters program in 2021 as a pilot project in Kosovo. During two cycles, a total of 40 journalists were trained, and their work was published in prestigious media outlets, including Deutsche Welle.

Strengthening the professional capacities of journalists in the media is one of RYCO’s main priorities, given their crucial role in building and promoting peace. With this in mind, the overall purpose of the training and mentoring program is to enhance the knowledge and skills of young journalists in reporting and covering media content effectively on issues related to Intercultural Dialogue and Transitional Journalism.

  • Upon completion of the 4-day training and 1-month mentoring program, participants will:
    Gain familiarity with the concepts of human rights in media, intercultural dialogue, and transitional journalism.
  • Acquire a theoretical foundation for preparing and elaborating content on the program’s topics.
  • Have opportunities to work both practically and independently, as well as in small groups under the supervision of a professional mentor.
  • Have the chance to publish the produced content in various local and regional media.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in the competition for the best content produced during the program.
  • Be eligible for an internship.

The 4-day training will take place physically and will be conducted in the English language. The mentoring program will be organized to accommodate the group’s schedules and agendas.

Training attendees shall receive a Certificate of Active Participation in the Program, among other benefits, provided they attend the training and fully participate in the program.


Each participant is expected to produce:

  • A joint story with another participant from a different Contracting Party (CP).
  • An individual story with a regional context.

These stories will be published in Deutsche Welle channels as well as the Hajde platform. Publication in other local and regional media is encouraged.


  1. Launching of the Open Call for Participants: 01/11/2023
  2. Deadline for Applications: 21/11/2023
  3. Arrival and Program Inauguration: 13/12/2023
  4. Module One: Intercultural Dialogue, 14/12/2023
  5. Module Two: Transitional Journalism, 15/12/2023
  6. Module Three: Constructive Journalism and Storytelling, 16/12/2023
  7. Preparation of concepts and departure, 17/12/2023
  8. TRAINING DURATION: 1-day program inauguration and 4 days of training
  9. TRAINING LOCATION: Pristina, Kosovo
  10. MENTORING DURATION AND CONTENT PRODUCTION: 1 month, 20/12/2023 – 20/1/2024

The training and mentoring program is exclusively intended for young journalists and journalism students, up to 30 years old, from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia who are interested in addressing the topics of Intercultural Dialogue and Transitional Journalism in their future work.

Eligible young journalists include:

  • Those planning to create content related to Intercultural Dialogue and Transitional Journalism in their future work.
  • Those who will fully attend the training and meet the program’s expectations.
  • Those who demonstrate motivation and interest in the topics of intercultural dialogue, transitional journalism, and human rights.
  • Those with excellent abilities in academic writing.
  • Those with sound knowledge and skills at the relevant level of journalism and journalistic skills.
  • Those interested in regional cooperation and RYCO’s work.

This call will remain open until 21 November 2023, 23:59.

If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please submit your application using the link below. If you are notified as one of the finalists, additional documents may be requested.

Learn More and Apply

NOTE: Participants will be selected based on the criteria outlined in the Call for Applications, with consideration given to gender equality, diversity, and geographical balance. When applying, please be aware that all participants selected to attend will be notified via email no later than 29 November 2023.

Any queries can be directed to the RYCO office via email at [email protected].

About the Organizers – The Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) is an independently functioning institutional mechanism, founded by the Western Balkans 6 participants (WB 6): Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia. RYCO aims to promote the spirit of reconciliation and cooperation among youth in the region through youth exchange programs. For more information about RYCO, please visit [insert RYCO website link].

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