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WESTERN BALKANS – Within the project “Supporting the Western Balkans collective leadership on reconciliation: building capacity and momentum for the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO)”, UNDP is requesting submission of proposals to develop the Risk Assessment and Risk Management Guidelines/RARM for the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO).

The aim of this assignment is to support RYCO to develop a RARM internal guidelines which takes into account: the institutional specificities of RYCO and the legal framework framing the work of its Head Office (HO) and its six Local Branch Offices (LBOs); RYCO existing internal regulations and contractual framework, including but not limited to RYCO’s Statute and Host Country Agreement, RYCO staff regulations, project staff regulations, contractual templates, contracts with donors; RYCO’s relevant parallel institutional processes in which this office is engaged in, including alignment of deliverables and products with other consultants hired through this project and other RYCO institutional processes; and RYCO’s financial capacities and operational constraints.

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