Meet Your Representatives in Serbia. You (Are) Ask(ed)!

SERBIA – Do you know who represents young people in Serbia? Do you wish that young people and stakeholders from other cities are more aware of what is going on in your neighborhood? Do you want them to better understand you and other young people from your community? If the answer to these questions is YES, we invite you to join us!

The National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS) in partnership with the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO)  Local Branch Office in Serbia with the support of the French Embassy in Serbia, and with assistance of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SKGO) will conduct five events under the name Meet your representatives. You (are) ask/ed! (Upoznaj svoje predstavnike. Ti (se) pitaš!).

With respect to all epidemiological measures, events will be held in-person from May to September in:

  •         Novi Pazar,
  •         Prokuplje,
  •         Bačka Palanka,
  •         Loznica and
  •         Inđija.

Young people from these local communities will have the chance to familiarize themselves with the work of KOMS and RYCO, to learn more about the programs and projects they are organising for young people. These events are also an opportunity for the young people to meet the youth representatives from both organizations and together map their needs and their position.

Who are youth representatives? 

Youth representatives are the representative of the KOMS Governing Board and the Youth Representative of Serbia in the RYCO Governing Board. They take part in the decision making process in issues concerning young people, both in Serbia and abroad, together with representatives of relevant organizations and institutions.

It is very important for us to hear what young people from different backgrounds want and what they need, so that the youth representatives are able to better represent them and to further convey the voices of young people. This will ensure that the position and needs of young people are embedded in programs and activities of both KOMS and RYCO, but also public policies on national and regional level. 

If you are interested in joining us, we encourage you to follow KOMS and RYCO social media and find out more about events’ dates and how to apply. We also invite you to join us at one of the events if it is organized in your city.

KOMS social media accounts: 

And RYCO accounts: 

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