Meeting for future partnership with World Youth Alliance

The Head of the Local Branch Office of RYCO to North Macedonia Mr. Vladimir Gjorgjevski met with the President of the World Youth Alliance Ms. Paula Andrea Lopez and the representatives from North Macedonia Mr. Ardonit Ismaili and Ms. Renata Penchova. The meeting took place within the framework of the visits that the World Youth Alliance President makes to their regional and national offices and all relevant institutions for youth.

World Youth Alliance is one of the biggest world youth organisations which is present in around 240 territories and 86 states in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and North America with headquarters based in New York. The young people in World Youth Alliance volunteer to influence civil society impact and their work is based on three main themes: education, culture and advocacy. World Youth Alliance is supported by and cooperates with many international institutions such as the United Nations, the European Commission, and the Organization of American States, engaging many young people from around the world to build a culture that supports and nurtures the dignity of each human person.

During the meeting Mr. Vladimir Gjorgjevski presented the RYCO’s mission and strategic priorities as well as achievements of RYCO in the past years in all programmatic and advocacy activities. Both sides analyzed the methods and mechanisms for cooperation in the Western Balkans in the field of youth, as well as several concrete possibilities for future cooperation were discussed. The special focus of the meeting was the synchronization of the common goals to influence youth cooperation and strengthen open societies in the region.

“RYCO remains open for meaningful partnerships to increase the youth opportunities for cooperation and participation as well as to all youth organisations to support them in their capacity development and advocacy initiatives” underlined Mr. Vladimir Gjorgjevski.

“World Youth Alliance offers many interesting opportunities for the youth such as youth Internship programmes across the world and advocates on important topics for the youth where we see RYCO as a very relevant partner from the Western Balkans” stated Ms. Paula Andrea Lopez.

The meeting concluded with the creation of a timeline with next steps of cooperation between the two organisations.


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