Mostar’s Empowering Weekend: Capacity Building Activities exploring the YPS Agenda

MOSTAR – In an inspiring initiative this weekend, Mostar became the epicenter for a series of impactful capacity-building trainings designed for the youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The focus of one of the training sessions was to delve into the Youth, Peace, and Security (YPS) Agenda, empowering the younger generation to champion positive transformations and advocate for processes that foster a peaceful and secure environment.

Working with young people from across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms. Emina Frljak, trainer at the event, emphasized the revolutionary nature of the YPS Agenda.

“The Youth, Peace, and Security Agenda is a transformative document that challenges the prevailing perception of young people either as perpetrators or victims of violence. This agenda positions young people as active contributors to peace processes, dispelling the notion that they are mere onlookers waiting for instructions,” remarked Ms. Frljak.

Crucially, she stressed the importance of conveying this message to young minds. The first step, she noted, is to familiarize them with the agenda. According to her, peace processes cannot achieve completeness without incorporating the voices of young people, who constitute a substantial portion of the global population.

The training sessions targeted youth umbrella organizations, as in RYCO we believe that strategic partnerships with these stakeholders will pave the way for collective advocacy in the years to come.

Aleksandra Đorem, a participant from the Youth Council of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, shared her perspective on the significance of implementing the YPS Agenda in their region. “Talking about the implementation of the YPS Agenda in our area is extremely important, and capacity-building training is exactly the starting point from which we commenced. I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate, and I believe that this Agenda will bring about changes and create a safer environment for all young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” she remarked.

Looking ahead, RYCO LBO Bosnia and Herzegovina plans to sustain the momentum with a series of local activities. Events are already in the pipeline for Tuzla, Brčko, Banjaluka, and Sarajevo next month. The objective is clear – to ensure that the YPS Agenda resonates with as many children and representatives of youth organizations as possible, paving the way for a future marked by inclusivity, empowerment, and lasting peace.


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