North Macedonian Journalists visited RYCO Local Branch Office in Skopje

Emphasizing youth perspective thorough raising youth related topics in public discourse


Skopje – Working breakfast with media representatives, organized in Skopje on 14th of March, marked the continuation of series of events fostering RYCO’s collaboration with journalists in the region. This time, Head of the Local Branch Office in Skopje, Vladimir Gjorgjevski, together with Project Manager of the Western Balkan Youth Cultural Fund, Sherife Ismaili, hosted journalists from several media outlets in North Macedonia, engaging them in fruitful discussion and offering throughout insight on RYCO’s mission and programs that has been implemented across the region for over 7 years.  

From discussing media trends to exchanging perspectives, the event brought to light the importance of raising youth topics in the public discourse, and familiarize participants with RYCO’s ongoing projects and activities, as well as the current and future open calls for support of CSOs, individuals and schools. 

During the joint discussion, an exciting idea emerged, suggesting that the media should embrace the opportunity to allocate dedicated time slots during prime news hours to highlight youth-related topics and issues. This initiative could significantly enhance the visibility and importance of youth perspectives within the media landscape.

It was concluded that journalists play an essential role when creating the narrative on peacebuilding and reconciliation by presenting diverse perspectives and giving voice to marginalized communities, while contributing to the promotion of empathy, understanding, and dialogue. The Local Branch Office in North Macedonia will devote itself to maintaining the established partnerships with the media workers and will be committed to engage young journalists with regional opportunities such as the Peace broadcasters, Hajde Platform and the remaining RYCO programs. 



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