Youth perspectives on demographic challenges in WB region on Budapest Balkan Forum Agenda

RYCO Secretary General, Albert Hani, took a part as a panelist at Budapest Balkans Forum, high-level event that brough together from 12-13 March in Capital of Hungary prominent leaders, experts, and stakeholders to discuss and exchange opinions on various challenges and opportunities, and promote stability and prosperity in the region.

‘Keeping the Lights On: Responding to Demographic Challenges’, was a topic where SG Hani offered outlooks on the issue, arguing various perspectives that affect youth perceptions.

“Despite many similarities, the demographics of the Western Balkans are marked by disproportionality in shares of young people, working age population, or fertility and birth rates.  Decrease of the working age population in WB influences the quality of life and that is one of the main reasons that trigger willingness of the young population to leave the region and give the final messages to all of us remaining to deal with the pilling up challenges and consequences of brain drain”, pointed out SG Hani.

Talking about RYCO’s contribution and potential solutions, SG Hani highlighted the necessity of cooperation for improvement.

“RYCO is up to the challenge and will not let youth down. The messages they convey with their deeds, by leaving the region, are received and processed. There should not be only hope, but concrete activities that improve the quality of life. Learning and helping neighbors in need should be starting point for overcoming challenges together and be stronger”, concluded SG Hani.

Panel, that took a place on a first day of Conference, served as a platform for fruitful discussion and opinion exchange between professors, research fellows, heads of organizations and institutions in the region, offering different angles and approaches to the topic.

Budapest Balkans Forum is the flagship conference of the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, and financially supported by the International Visegrad Fund. Conference brings together every year more than 100 experts, decision-makers, and policy-shapers from across the globe.


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