Peace Day: In Peace We Trust

WESTERN BALKANS – The International Day of Peace is observed each year on 21 September to highlight the importance of peaceful societies. It was first proclaimed in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly in global efforts of celebrating and strengthening the ideals of peace.

Peaceful societies are achieved when cooperation, dialogue and mutual understanding take place at all levels. When people live under distorted and divisive narratives, prejudice, and negative perceptions of the other, peace and stability are unfortunately threatened. 

On this day, RYCO takes the opportunity to remind the Western Balkan governments and societies of the essential need to build a prosperous and peaceful future together. A future that is built upon values of tolerance, trust and respect. 

We also believe that such a future is created when young people are enabled to contribute to the prosperity of their communities and when decisions are taken having their voices in mind. The Western Balkans youth deserve a peaceful future in which all actors involved work on strengthening reconciliation and cooperation, and promoting peace and stability in the region.

RYCO supported projects and initiatives enable young people to be engaged and connected across borders by sharing experiences and ideas, learning about each other and building friendly ties, through youth exchanges, mobility and intercultural cooperation. We aim to foster peace and reconciliation in the region and share the belief that young people can be the real change-makers in shaping a peaceful future for all.

Let this day serve as a reminder of the utmost importance of friendly and peaceful relations in the Western Balkans, and of empowering our youth to be real agents of positive change in the region.

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