Prevention of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech: Effective Institutions and NGO Sector in Montenegro

PODGORICA – The Civic Alliance in partnership with RYCO and with the support of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany has organized a public forum “Prevention of hate crimes and hate speech: effective institutions and NGO sector” in Podgorica on 11 December 2017.

RYCO Local Branch Officer in Montenegro Mr Edin Koljenović, specifically emphasized that the violent past of the region is burdening the present and the future of the region. One of the concrete models to deal with this issue is to bring young people of the region together, to provide them with opportunities to meet and work together in the atmosphere in which they can create values based on their own and not on the experiences of others. Mr Koljenovic stressed the needs for intensive work in this field, presenting the mission, vision and plans of RYCO in this regard.

The role of young people and the impact on young people was particularly emphasized. In the focus of the public forum, relevant institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations dealing directly with the prevention of hate crimes and hate speech, were particularly possibilities of cooperation and networking of institutions and organizations for more effective prevention of hate crime and hate speech.

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