RYCO and DW Sign Memorandum of Understanding

BERLIN – During our study visit in Berlin on Thursday, RYCO Secretary General Mr Đuro Blanuša on behalf of our organisation signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Deutsche Welle which was represented by Mr Peter Limbourg, Director-General of the German broadcaster.

“We believe that our voice is heard in the region”, said Mr Limbourg and added that DW is trying to change the opinion of the people from the region about their neighbours. He offered a hand of help to RYCO in fulfilling its mission which he considers important for the region.
He highlighted that young people are getting changed after the experience of intercultural exchange and that they usually become more open minded.
Mr Blanuša thanked the hosts for their hospitality and willingness to work with RYCO on its mission in the region. He pointed out that the first joint activity will be organized next week in Tirana.

Photo: DW

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