RYCO Advisory Board Meets for First Time

PRISTINA – RYCO Advisory Board members met for the first time in Pristina on Friday, 4 May. As the first meeting, it also served as a constitutive gathering of the Advisory Board members.

RYCO Secretary General Mr Đuro Blanuša welcomed the Advisory Board members by emphasizing the importance of such structure in RYCO development and pointed out that all members of the Advisory Board are considered as friends of RYCO and its development.

RYCO Deputy Secretary General Mr Fatos Mustafa addressed the participants and wished them a warm stay in Pristina. Moreover, he invited the Advisory Board members to support RYCO in order to make it a successful story as it aims to be. Mr Mustafa added that the identification of the role of the Advisory Board is of a significant importance for the further development of RYCO.

The Advisory Board is formed of experts on the thematic issues of RYCO, including representatives of the donor community, civil society, international organisations and other relevant institutions. The members of the Advisory Board are recommended by the Governing Board and by the Secretary General and they are formally appointed on a two-year term with possibility of extension by the Governing Board.

Each Contracting Party has three members in the Advisory Board. For each Contracting Party, two members are recommended by the Governing Board, while one is recommended by the Secretary General.

The Advisory Board may, on its own initiative and/or on mandate from the Governing Board and/or the Secretary General, conduct research and assessment, and provide recommendations on issues within the scope of RYCO activities and mandate. It may form Working Groups composed of its members and external experts, upon recommendation by the Governing  Board and it reports to the Governing Board and the Secretary General.

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