RYCO Announces Final List of its Fourth Open Call

Dear Applicants,

We would like to express our gratitude towards all of you who have shown the interest and made efforts to take part in the fourth RYCO Open Call for Project Proposals. The Call was built upon the results and experience of the previous three RYCO Open Calls which were launched during 2017, 2018 and 2019. Most importantly, to design the fourth Open Call with youth needs in mind we consulted with young people  in the region and received their inputs on key priorities for regional youth cooperation.

The fourth RYCO Open Call received 129 project proposals from civil society organizations (CSOs) which resulted in 400 partnerships throughout the Western Balkans. This proves that there is a strong potential and commitment among CSOs to make a real change in the region. 

Moreover, we trust that the need for regional youth cooperation, mobility and exchange as well as for creating an enabling environment for regional youth cooperation is evident in the region. Therefore, we encourage all of you to keep on working in these fields, bringing youth of the region closer together and making the Western Balkans better for everyone. 

Staying engaged means also staying connected together, so we want to stay in touch with you. Thus, we invite you to follow our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and subscribe to our mailing list, where you will be able to find all relevant information about our next open calls, but also the latest news from RYCO.

Finally, we are thankful to the European Union, the supporter of the fourth RYCO Open Call.

Please find below the final list of the 12 best evaluated project proposals. It contains data on the project descriptions and partners of the supported applicants.

Over the next months, these projects will foster reconciliation and regional youth cooperation, as well as strengthen the capacities of the civil society to adapt to the COVID-19 environment.

Fourth RYCO Open Call Final List

Ever yours,


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