RYCO Announces Final List of Supported Project Proposals

WESTERN BALKANS – After the successful signing ceremonies in Belgrade, Pristina, Tirana, Podgorica, Sarajevo and Skopje, we are honored to present you the final list of the supported projects within the first RYCO Open Call for Project Proposals. The listed civil society organizations and high schools from the Western Balkans will organize the first youth exchange programs supported by RYCO.

We would like to recall the fact that we received 421 project proposals during the call that networked more than 1300 organizations and high schools from the Western Balkans. This encourages us to believe that it is absolutely clear that youth cooperation and youth exchange programs are needed in our region. Therefore, we want to encourage all of you to keep on working in these fields, bringing the young people of the region closer and making the Western Balkans better for all of us.

Unfortunately, the limited financial resources for the first RYCO grant scheme caused the fact that we regretfully had to decline many commendable applications. The overall financial envelope available for this call was only 900.000€. This is, unfortunately, why we will be able to support only less than 10% of all the received applications.

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Please find bellow the final list of the supported projects together with the short project descriptions, project partners, scores and the total eligible costs.


Updated on 07 August 2018

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