RYCO in Bosnia and Herzegovina Meets forumZFD

SARAJEVO – RYCO Local Branch Officer in Bosnia and Herzegovina Ms Berina Bukva met on Monday with Project Manager at the Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD) in Bosnia and Herzegovina Ms Sunita Dautbegović –  Bošnjaković when they discussed the possible cooperation between the organizations.

Ms Bukva emphasized that RYCO is doing its best to create a new “space” in partnership with relevant stakeholders which are enabling different kind of narratives and discussions among youth in Western Balkans. During the meeting, the joint work with a focus on dealing with the past and reconciliation was mentioned as potential area for cooperation. In the upcoming period, where also RYCO’s strategy is loading, synchronized communication and collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, such as the forumZFD, is possible and needed.

The initial meeting served as an opportunity for the interlocutors to present and update each other on what the organizations have done so far in their work. The meeting was also participated by Project Manager Mrs Michele Parente and Programme Manager at the forumZFD Ms Judith Brand. Ms Dautbegović – Bošnjaković presented the ongoing activity of the forumZFD on writing a new strategy where RYCO is mentioned and recognized as an important stakeholder.

The Forum Civil Peace Service was established in 1996 with a mission to push for the “realization of the idea of a Civilian Peace Service”. The forumZFD works in the region with a focus on dealing with the past and capacity building for peace.

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