RYCO in Montenegro Discusses Cooperation with Youth Network

PODGORICA – Head of the RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro Mr Edin Koljenović met with representatives of the recently established national Youth Network in Montenegro Mr Miloš Marković and Ms Andrijana Radović on Tuesday, when they discussed possibilities for future cooperation.

Mr Koljenović expressed his congratulations on the establishment of the Youth Network as a key representative body of non-governmental organizations in Montenegro, stating that it will lead to a better representation of youth voices.

He also presented the work of RYCO at the regional and local level, emphasizing RYCO’s role in enhancing the role of youth, as well as in building a more favorable environment on intercultural dialogue, youth cooperation and reconciliation in the Western Balkans.

“RYCO aims to not only be a grant making organization, but also a regional stakeholder that together with other relevant actors in Montenegro and in the region works on improving the position of youth in handling issues that concern them,” Mr Koljenovic underlined.

During his presentation of the RYCO supported activities on the local level, Mr Koljenovic highlighted that RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro perceives the cooperation with Youth Network in Montenegro as highly important for both parties and youth. 

In continuation, Mr Marković presented the work of the Youth Network in Montenegro, its structure, mode of operating as well as the plans and objectives for the upcoming year.

“Bearing in mind the challenging environment that Youth Network faced at the beginning of its work, establishing cooperation with RYCO is crucial, especially for youth that will hopefully be given the chance to experience the products of this fruitful cooperation in the following period,” Mr Marković concluded.

The meeting also discussed concrete plans and ideas for the future cooperation between the parties, underlining that the main objective of this cooperation would be offering new opportunities that address the concerns and needs of youth in Montenegro.

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