RYCO in North Macedonia Organizes Capacity Building for Teachers and Civil Society Representatives

SKOPJE – The RYCO Local Branch Office in North Macedonia has organized capacity-building training for representatives of secondary schools and civil society organizations with the aim to strengthen their knowledge and improve their competencies in creating quality program content in the areas dealing with the past and intercultural dialogue in the Western Balkans. 

The training was held from 4 to 6 October in Popova Sapka, in North Macedonia, and brought together a group of 17 participants, 10 high school teachers and 7 civil society representatives of diverse backgrounds coming from different municipalities.

The whole group of participants was especially important for the RYCO Local Branch Office in North Macedonia, as they are directly working with youth and have the chance to share the messages for unity, peace and cooperation through their daily work and activities.

During the working sessions, the facilitators guided the group to first identify parts of the past on a personal level and how each of them deals with the personal past individually. Afterward, this approach was transferred on a level on a community and the group had a chance to discuss on how societies can deal with certain sensitive events from the past, what can be learnt out of those experiences and how communities can go forward towards the reconciliation process. 

All of the thematic sessions were implemented through a combination of different techniques: working in groups, brainstorming, group-bonding activities, and analysis of media products depicting theme related content. The general impression of participants was that events of this type are very important to nurture the spirit of encouraging cooperation among youth through different creative ideas. 

They have also shared that the friendships made during the training will result in future partner cooperation. The RYCO Local Branch Office in North Macedonia is looking forward to the curriculum content and the next project ideas that will be created as a direct outcome of this training. 

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