RYCO in Tirana: Connecting Youth – Moving Forward

TIRANA – RYCO Secretary General Mr Đuro Blanuša participated on Friday in the Integration Word Café “Connecting Youth – Moving Forward” organized by the EU Info Network in Tirana in the eve of the International Youth Day where he presented RYCO establishment process and moderated a working group on Mobility, Exchanges and Broadening of Horizons.

Introducing RYCO to the participants of the event and presenting the recommendations of the Trieste Youth Forum, RYCO Secretary General Mr Blanuša gave an overview of RYCO establishment process and the way in which it was linked to Berlin process. He explained why it is an important step for Western Balkan countries and their European integration processes. He pointed out that the cooperation of RYCO with the Ministry of Social Welfare of Albania and EU Info Network in Tirana should continue.

Mr Blanuša presented four reasons for considering RYCO as a success story: First, it shows that political commitment and cooperation in the region can lead to tangible results. Second, it successfully engaged civil society and youth organisations in the creation process. Moreover, it continues to promote co-management. Finally, and the most important is the fact that it is a youth participation mechanism through the functioning of RYCO Governing Board composed of the six members of the Governments of the Contracting Parties and the six members representing young people from these countries.

During the second part of the event, RYCO Secretary General moderated one of the four working groups. Besides the group on Mobility, Exchanges and Broadening of Horizons, moderated by Mr Blanuša, the other working groups dealt with Social Inclusion, Overcoming of Stereotypes; Entrepreneurship; and Youth Participation.

Together with Ms Brisida Sula from the Directorate for Youth National Service of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth of Albania, Ms Alida Kondi from the Centre for Competitiveness Promotion, Ms Marjola Memaj from the Western Balkan Alumni Association, RYCO Secretary General Mr Blanuša presented the recommendations of the Working Groups.

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