RYCO interactive session with Harvard students on their #Balkantrek tour

This Saturday RYCO team, led by Secretary General Albert Hani, welcomed a group of more than 50 Harvard students, including master’s and PhD candidates, for the second year in a row, as a part of the Balkan Trek project.

Their journey brough them to Tirana, where SG Hani, along with Head of RYCO Local Branch Albania, Kreshnik Loka and Program Officer Ensara Reci, shared insights about RYCO’s work and unique mission in the region. 

Fruitful dialogue unfolded in the Beta Plan Coding Bootcamp premises, where SG Hani provided the students with a comprehensive overview of RYCO’s journey, from its conceptualization to its present efforts in promoting peace among Western Balkans youth, while Loka and Reci shared their insights into the daily work of RYCO team, including projects, activities and initiatives that contribute to youth empowerment and engagement. 

The presentation served as a good foundation for understanding both challenges and success of RYCO efforts to fulfil the mission in the region and ensure meaningful participation of young people in important decision-making processes. Students were actively engaged by asking both inspiring and challenging questions, making this session highly interactive and thoughtful.





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