RYCO Launches Its Strategy Dialogue Conference

SKOPJE – Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) launched its Strategic Planning Conference today in Skopje. The conference gathers more than hundred representatives of the civil societies of the region, governmental representatives as well as representatives of the regional and international institutions. The three-day-long conference will serve as a platform for development of the RYCO Strategic Plan 2018-2020.

The event is opened by welcoming speeches of RYCO Secretary General Mr Đuro Blanuša, Director of the Agency for Youth and Sports of Macedonia Mr Darko Kaevski and Macedonian Youth Representative in the RYCO Governing Board Mr Vladimir Gjorgjevski.

During their remarks, all the speakers pointed out that the cooperation in the region is highly needed, especially among the young people of the Western Balkans. Furthermore, they agreed that the support provided by the governments of the region is highly important for the success of the initiative, but the equally important is the support of the civil society, regional and international organizations.

After a brief introduction of the organization, Mr Blanuša pointed out that RYCO is an organization that should become a life changing experience for the youth of the region and underlined that RYCO is a result of a joint initiative of all the six governments of the region done in cooperation with the civil society.

In the following days, participants of the conference are going to discuss topics such as why RYCO is needed in the region, what does RYCO seek to change, what is the vision of the organization as well as what makes RYCO exchange different. Moreover, among the topics the participants will talk about what will it take to make RYCO a success and how do they can contribute to this success.

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