RYCO LBO MNE successfully organized YPS Capacity Building Training in Bečići

Bečići – Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) in Montenegro in cooperation with Youth Network of Montenegro organized “Capacity Building Training in the domain of the UN Agenda 2250 “Youth, Peace and Security”.

Held in Hotel Mediteran in Bečići from December 15th to 17th, 2023, this training gathered 17 young representatives from various CSOs, youth organizations, alongside representatives of Montenegro’s relevant institutions.

The primary objective of this training was to enhance participants’ understanding and proactive engagement with the core pillars of the “Youth, Peace, and Security” Agenda. Moreover, it served as an invaluable platform for exchanging perspectives, sharing experiences, and analyzing key stakeholders crucial to decision-making and implementing UN Agenda goals at both national and regional levels.

The event was opened with introductory remarks from Mr. Edin Koljenovic- Head of RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro and Ms. Mirela Rajkovic- RYCO Advocacy Senior Manager.

Mr. Koljenovic emphasized the pivotal role of the training in empowering youth organizations and relevant institutions to align their efforts with the priorities outlined in the UN Agenda 2250. “Our aim is to deepen understanding and synchronize actions contributing to the implementation of the UN Agenda priorities at both national and regional levels,” stated Mr. Koljenovic 

“The essence of the ‘Youth, Peace, and Security’ Agenda underscores the necessity of involving youth voices in political life, reconciliation, and peace-building efforts for sustainable global peace”, he concluded.

“RYCO is supporting YPS efforts at the CP level, insisting on youth-led and multisectoral principles by supporting Youth Network to lead the process and bringing institutions to the table to have a dialogue on the most suitable implementation model for Montenegro. This capacity-building activity will provide baseline knowledge for the advocacy and policy-making efforts in the YPS field”, highlighted Ms. Rajkovic.

This training is part of a series of initiatives under the UN Agenda “Youth, Peace, and Security” organized by RYCO in Montenegro.

Previously, three local workshops gathered more than 80 young people in Bijelo Polje, Podgorica and Bar, during which young people had the opportunity to share their challenges regarding peace and security in their communities.

 Additionally, a Meet-up in Podgorica brought together international and local stakeholders dealing with the implementation of activities and realization of the priorities listed in the UN Agenda 2250 “Youth, Peace and Security.”


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