RYCO Meets Experts in Youth Policy to Discuss Researches

BERLIN – RYCO Secretary General Mr Đuro Blanuša, RYCO Program Officer Ms Bojana Bulatović and RYCO Local Branch Officer in Serbia Ms Marija Bulat met on Monday in Berlin with the experts in the fields of youth policy and research when they begun discussions on the role of research in the context of work of RYCO.

The key topics discussed at the meeting were why RYCO is interested in research, examples from Germany and the European Union regarding the research and international youth exchange, youth research in South East Europe, specificities of research on intercultural youth exchange in this region and why it is important for RYCO.

Participants of the meeting, beside the RYCO staff, were Ms Aleksandra Filipova from MOF/Youth Educational Forum from Macedonia, Ms Svetlana Kijevčanin, Perform/Helvetas from Serbia, Ms Olivera Komar, Faculty of Political Science of the University of Montenegro, Mr Jeton Mehmeti, GAP Institute from Kosovo, Ms Olga Mitrović of the British Council in Serbia, Dr. Nicolas Moll, Independent Researcher based in Sarajevo, Mr Frank Morawietz, Special Representative of FGYO for South Eastern Europe from Berlin, Mr Irida Agolli Nasufi of the Faculty of Social Science, Department of Social Work and Social Policy from Albania, Ms Yael Ohana of the Frankly Speaking – Training, Research & Development from Berlin, Ms Anya Reichmann of the Franco-German Youth Office from Department “Research and Evaluation”, Ms Andreas Rosellen of the transfer e.V./“Research-Practice-Dialogue” form Köln and Ms Katarina Vučković of the Kult from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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