RYCO Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Employment Agency of Montenegro

PODGORICA – Head of the RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro Mr Edin Koljenović on behalf of RYCO signed a memorandum of understanding with the Employment Agency of Montenegro represented by Director of the Agency Mr Suljo Mustafić in Podgorica on Monday.

The special focus of the memorandum is joint work in promoting youth cooperation and mobility through employment opportunities for young people, strengthening their competences of self-employment and promotion of overall development, economic cooperation and regional integration of the Western Balkan youth.

“Signing of this memorandum is just the first step that will be followed by numerous activities tackling young people. RYCO and EAM cooperation will significantly contribute to better mobility and employability of youth by strengthening their capacities and skills by providing them with more job opportunities,” Mr Koljenović stressed out.

“Our intention is to organize concrete, joint programs and activities in order to support young people from Montenegro and the region, as well as improve overall youth position on the labor market,” Mr Mustafić underlined.

This cooperation aims to strengthen youth participation through a series of concrete activities that RYCO and EAM will undertake in the upcoming period. In addition, both organizations agreed to organize events for the presentation of joint activities to relevant actors in Montenegro and the region, contributing to the process of strengthening trust and cooperation.

Additionally, the memorandum outlined the common interest of the Agency and RYCO to support young people, strengthen their capacities and skills, empower youth mobility and cooperation and encourage active job search.

By institutionalizing and formalizing the relationship between RYCO and EAM, the memorandum represents the first step towards harmonization of common directions and areas of action, as well as the implementation of joint programs and activities in regards to youth empowerment and overall improvement of youth position on the labor market in the coming period.

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