RYCOnnecting Youth Open Call Winners Meet in Tirana for Grant Launching Workshop

Tirana – The RYCOnnecting Youth Open Call winners recently convened in Tirana for a two-day workshop. The participants were officially greeted by RYCO team representatives and Secretary General Albert Hani who highlighted the pivotal role of supporting innovative ideas that bring about positive change and yield impact in the region. The participants engaged in a brief networking session, fostering collaboration and shared objectives.

The workshop began with Sonila Necaj Sulaj, Open Call Program Manager, providing an overview of the grant program, establishing the framework for initiatives, and ensuring a shared understanding of success criteria.

Subsequently, Sonila Necaj Sulaj and Emirjon Lleshi, Open Call Finance Officer, navigated grantees through grant terms and conditions, reviewing financial and compliance requirements, Participants were also introduced to Visibility Guidelines by the Communications Officer, Judoris Merkaj. Marisa Disha, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, discussed KPIs and tools for effective project assessment and communication.

The event concluded with a session on the next steps and action items, summarizing key points discussed and assigning responsibilities. As the new year begins, these organizations are geared up to implement their activities across the region, and we can not wait to see the amazing results achieved.


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